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Christmas and 2022 is coming!

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I just love baking and cooking! But I love making Christmas cookies even more. So far we have made some sugar cookies and we plan on making some different cookies as well. I set up a poll, and one of the options is a cookie recipe! So if you vote for that than I’ll make a post on the directions on how to make some Christmas cookies!

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Opening presents on Christmas day is so fun! I love giving gifts to my family and friends. Seeing the joy on their faces when they open the presents makes me so happy! If you click here, you can vote for a Christmas wish list post.

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I cannot believe that 2021 is almost over. I’m so grateful that 2021 was better than 2020. The past two years have been hard on everybody in some way. Let’s try to bring positive energy to 2022!

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Hello! I’m Jo and welcome to my blog🐸 I have two pets: a French Bulldog named Vader and a Crested Gecko named Maple. I love plants and my favorite color is yellow. I love vintage clothing and my favorite animal is a frog. I enjoy reading, organizing, and shopping. I’m kinda obsessed with animal crossing and I enjoy to play piano. I love Disney and my favorite Disney characters are Stitch, Eeyore, and Goofy.

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