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After school & night routine – 2022

5:00pm – unpack bags

I unpack my lunch and backpack

5:05 – Practice piano

After I practice my piano I sometimes take my dog out if I didn’t have the time in the morning

5:30pm – free time

I usually play Animal Crossing or do some blogging. But if I have laundry to put away or my room is messy, then I’ll do that instead.

6:00pm – shower

I have been trying to shower more earlier so that I just get it over with. (after I shower I usually still have some free time before dinner is ready)

7:40pm – get ready for bed

I usually brush my teeth, get my bed ready to lay in, and clean the floor.

8:00pm – get in bed

I like to get in bed 30 min. before I need to go to sleep so I can wind down

8:30pm – go to bed

In 2021 I went to bed really late. So this year, I’m going to try to g to bed more earlier. Even on the weekends


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Welcome to FroggySprouts! I’m Jo and I am the owner/creator of FroggySprouts. I have a French Bulldog named Vader and I LOVE to eat. I enjoy reading, shopping, and doing nails. I love, love, love, love Disney so much! I have been to Disney World seven times. My favorite Disney character is Lady because she is from my favorite Disney movie Lady and the Tramp. I love the colors canary yellow, baby pink, and dark green. I love plants and my favorite flower is a dahlia. I love vintage clothing/items, noodles, and sleeping in.

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